Blue Beetle

PG-13 2h 07m 2023


After graduating in the law school, Jaime Reyes returns to Palmera City to meet his family, and soon he learns that they are broken and evicted from their home. His sister Milagro gets a cleaning job for him at the mansion of the wealthy Victoria Kord. However, they are both fired by Susan when Jaime interferes in a discussion between Victoria and her niece Jenny Kord. When Jaime is leaving the house, Jenny asks him to look for her in the Kord Tower for a job opportunity. On the next morning, Jenny learns that her aunt is using an ancient alien Scarab to develop powerful weapons and she steals the artifact. Meanwhile, Jaime is looking for her to get a job, and she uses him to leave the Tower with the scarab hidden in a burger to-go box. His curious Mexican family opens the box and Jaime becomes the host of the alien scarab and they fuse in a powerful weapon. Jaime looks for Jenny to have explanations but he turns into the Blue Beetle. She tells him that they have to remove the device as soon as possible; otherwise, the fusion will be permanent.

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